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Respecting the Crush

Flow of Romantic Relationship: Stage 1 Crushing Relationships flow naturally. Most romantic relationships go through somewhat similar stages that allow good foundations to be built. I used to want to skip through the first stages of a relationship straight to … Continue reading »

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Love Unstuck: Be the Leading Lady

“I know Wendee to be a woman who can speak to the issues and the character of a woman’s heart clearly and convincingly. I highly recommend Love Unstuck to any woman seeking to have a life long, quality relationship with her … Continue reading »

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Get More Activity on Your Profile-5 Quick Tips

Want more activity on your OnDaySix profile? Well, who doesn’t want more activity really?…If you’re on the site, we assume you’re looking to connect with other Kingdom Minded Singles in the hopes of a significant romantic relationship that hopefully leads … Continue reading »

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Dating an Introvert

Dating an introvert can hold some mystery if you tend to carry more extrovert tendencies in your personality. To help with this journey, we’ve compiled some tips from our own journeys as you embark into the unknown. Disclaimer: there’s always … Continue reading »

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Anointing for Marriage

The church as a whole seems to have  swung the pendulum all the way over to the wait until you hear from God to ask someone for coffee in years past, and I believe as a whole, we’re trying to … Continue reading »

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Risk = Reward

In life and relationships, risk usually equals a reward. Disclaimer: Done with wisdom! This journey of moving towards love involves ‘putting yourself out there’ in the dating world in ways that may seem terrifying at the most and stretching at … Continue reading »

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Keep it up, gentlemen!

I dropped by a local coffee shop today to grab my americano on my way to watch a friend’s son for a couple hours. As I approached the door, a man was exiting and he looked directly at me and … Continue reading »

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Flow of Romantic Relationship: Crushing, Questioning, Committing, Trusting and Engagement

Flow of Romantic Relationship: Crushing, Questioning, Committing, Trusting and Engagement Below is an excerpt from Wendee Mannon’s (CEO of OnDaySix.com) upcoming book for single, Christian women desiring marriage, Love Unstuck; Be the Leading Lady. This excerpt discusses the flow of … Continue reading »

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Don’t Lose Heart.

I was reminded this week that we can’t give up or lose heart. I was reminded of this because there’s a certain area right now that I’m trusting God with and experiencing deep disappointment because the outcome has not been … Continue reading »

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The Story of Dallas and Christy & 3 Little Ladies

Here’s a very sweet video testimony of how Dallas and Christy met at OnDaySix; it includes how God used Dallas’s three little girls to bring confirmation to move forward into the relationship and ultimately into marriage. They are now happily … Continue reading »

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