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Respecting the Crush

Flow of Romantic Relationship: Stage 1 Crushing Relationships flow naturally. Most romantic relationships go through somewhat similar stages that allow good foundations to be built. I used to want to skip through the first stages of a relationship straight to … Continue reading »

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How Important Is Initial Attraction?

How important is initial attraction? ‘Tis the season for the birthing of baby relationships for friends. There have been multiple new connections for many lately. In recent conversations, I’ve been excited to hear of some promising new seeds of potential … Continue reading »

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What’s Your Level of Intentionality Towards a Marriage Relationship?

What’s your level of intentionality towards a marriage relationship? Intentionality in relationship is incredibly important. The definition of intention is an aim that guides action. As a single person desiring marriage, are you aiming yourself in a way that would … Continue reading »

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