40 year-old woman

Redding, California, USA

Church style:

Bethel Church (Pastor: Bill Johnson)


Never married

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5' 5" / 166 cm


White/ Caucasian




Cigar aficionado

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My story, journey, adventure is full of goodness, grief, grace, and a whole lotta God. In short, I grew up in a Christian charismatic home. Utterly thankful for my folks and the Midwest bible loving foundation it gave me. Attended Bethel school bout 15 years ago. I moved back to MO for six years then made my way back west seven years ago to Redding the place I call home. I have the most amazing friends, family, co-workers a girl could want. I'm so blessed.

A little more about who I am: love pro sporting events, live concerts, I work in tech sales, I like fishing but rarely catch one (maybe u can help me with that haha), love the sun, lake, well, water in general. Traveling and trying new things is a blast. Laughing is one of my favorite pastimes, smiling helps keep the wrinkles away, the goal of having fun is a pre-requisite to most all things I do. I'm a huge huge fan of communication, trust, honesty, and being kind to people. Boundaries and communicating them are also kinda a big deal :) hmmm well, that should hopefully be enough to intrigue you about me. Thanks for reading and popping on my profile.

A little about AnjahlaCristina
Six things I wouldn't want to live without:
  1. Trinity (covers all three, using the space here wisely)
  2. Music
  3. Family & Friends
  4. Summer
  5. Sports
  6. Trees (they help us breath)
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Bethel Church (Pastor: Bill Johnson), Other


Faith has a significant place in my life


Not currently involved in ministry


Attend church occasionally


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