64 year-old woman

Rockford, Illinois, USA

Church style:

Bethel Church (Pastor: Bill Johnson)



Have Kids:


Want Kids:

No, but I’d accept my partner’s kids


5' 5" / 165 cm


White/ Caucasian


Once in a while


Definitely not

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Thanks for taking the time to read my profile... I hope you will have a take away to add to your life even if we are not compatable...

I'm looking for the HEART of a Man. A man who knows his identity in Christ is the key to fulfilment... I pray that he have a living loving relationship with his Father God. A man who knows he is a son, not a slave... one who recognizes the purposes and rewards of a covenant relationship.

We need a solid friend to build our foundation on. Focusing on frienship first is key. I now realize covenant relationships need to be cultivated and be intentional. We absolutely will need HS to teach us this process. Creating an atmosphere for His Presence is what I am willing to do.

If this rings true for you - I would love to hear from you.

We are what we LOVE... not what LOVES us!
I'm a believing Believer in Jesus... And somedays I feel like I'm still on my Emmaus Walk. I'm a very spiritual person who loves Jesus but not at all religious. I'm grace-filled so grace overflows.

I spent seven years at Bethel (in Redding CA) getting my brain and heart washed which was so necessary. Transformation, looks good on me now.

I have this sudden interest to study the Torah. I'm enjoying the revelations coming out of my research. Will be attending my first Passover this year.

I recently took the Myers-Briggs test and was astounded how accurate it was.I've done many type personality test in my career but I have to say this one has such precision in accuracy (for me anyways) Turns out the label they gave me is an INFJ and I absolutely agree. It's actually freeing to learn these things about myself and who I would be more compatible with. I hope my mate has done it too.

I appreciate a playful dialogue. Laughter is good medicine says the great Physician. Laughing at myself is on my daily, To Do List.

I'm an Advocate and an Adventurist. Love road trips. Have taken several Coast to Coast trips, alone. Spontaneity kinda looks like my faith walk (lol) Taking RISK keeps me close to Jesus. Reading, dreaming and researching are my favorite past times...until you arrive, anyway.

I've learned to keep my LOVE on... loving those who love me back is easy... loving those who don't... is how I become more like the one I serve. I love to encourage people.

As for YOU.... well, I've been praying you into my world. I won't know what you look like... but I will recognize your spirit. I won't know your name... but I will know your heart. I'm thinking your character will outshine all your other attributes. Praying together is the key to loving one another greatly.

Been flying solo for awhile. I'm ready for us to begin the best season of our lives.

A little about Hww5777
Six things I wouldn't want to live without:
  1. Encounters with God
  2. GRACE
  3. HOPE
  4. LOVE
  5. His Kingdom
  6. His Presence
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Bethel Church (Pastor: Bill Johnson)


My faith in God defines me


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