41 year-old woman

Ames, Iowa, USA

Church style:

Vineyard Churches (Founder: John Wimber)


Never married

Have Kids:

Yes, and they live with me

Want Kids:



5' 9" / 175 cm


White/ Caucasian




Definitely not

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When I was a little girl my life was hard and painful. My family was very broken and thankfully I knew the Lord and cried out to Him in my pain. When I went to college I got lost from God, but He never let go of me and brought me back to him about 9 years ago through some very difficult times. I am so grateful as now I have the awesome and challenging responsibility of raising my daughter to know the Lord, His love for her and to do my best to give her a much better and healthier life than I ever had as a child.

My heart breaks for those that don't know the Lord, are trapped in injustice, don't know their true worth in Him and have had a rough life.

I am an artist and leader and use my gifts to raise up artists and love others.

It has been beautiful over the last several years to see God bring me back to who He originally created me to be and there's so much more to come and I cannot wait!

I am looking for a husband to follow hard after Jesus and what He would have us do together to love, serve and lead others. I also really desire to have one or two more children. I recently bought my first home which was a dream I had for many years in order to provide a place for my daughter to grow up, flourish and have something I never fully had as a child. I'm still learning so much about God's love for me and owning exactly who He made me to be. What an honor to be chosen by Him. I can't wait to see what else He has in store for me and I pray that a husband is a part of that future.

A little about ArtistGirl79
Six things I wouldn't want to live without:
  1. Jesus
  2. My relationship with my daughter
  3. My amazing community/friends
  4. The Arts
  5. Laughter & joy
  6. Real, deep & meaningful conversations
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Vineyard Churches (Founder: John Wimber)


My faith in God defines me


I’m involved in other ministry


Attend church regularly


North America

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