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64 year-old man

Redding, California, USA

Church style:

Bethel Church (Pastor: Bill Johnson)



Have Kids:

Yes, but they don’t live with me

Want Kids:

Probably not


5' 7" / 169 cm


White/ Caucasian




Definitely not

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My faith is of paramount importance to me. I have a very real and personal relationship with God. I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to take three years to attend Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding CA. A life changing and blessed period of time in my life. I love my relationship with The Holy Spirit and all the wonderful gifts Jesus sent for us to employ in our walk with Him and our daily lives. To have this power and wisdom flowing through my life is such an awesome blessing.

I am very active & enjoy my life. My outlook is generally positive & consider myself to be on the initial pages of a new chapter of my life. My cup is always half full. Challenges are “opportunities to excel”. A little shy initially, but I warm up quickly.

62 years of age, height (5'-7'’) and weight proportionate. My health is important to me and I try to stay healthy & keep fit by eating well & walking regularly. I am content in my life & comfortable in my skin. The father of two wonderful adult children (and a “grand puppy”), whom I enjoy immensely. We enjoy a positive relationship. Both are within an hour’s travel & we see each other regularly.

I work hard but also like to take time out to play. I enjoy both dressing up for a night in the city or my favorite jeans, for a camp fire on the beach. Good food & fine wine are a distinct pleasure. I enjoy helping my partner cook, (I even stick around to clean up afterwards). The theater, art, music are all an enjoyable pastimes to me.

Travel, both spontaneous and planned are always acceptable. I was born and raised in Europe, visit and explore as much as I am able. I have traveled and lived short term in developing countries for missions and humanitarian purposes. Being a part of both the local and global community, helping others I find fulfilling. Exploration, new foods, fresh ideas, and the road less traveled, all engage my curiosity. A combination of warm water, silky sand and a sail boat are one of my favorite ways to vacate. I can be very handy around the homestead.

Family, friends and faith are all important to me. My friends have described me as, encouraging, reliable, patient & mischievous. I am gentleman, and a die-hard romantic. Candlelight dinners with soft music, walks on the beach, flowers, & small tokens of affection are all on my radar. Touching, loving words, snuggling in front of a fire, public displays of affection, all ignite my senses. When appropriate, I like my woman to be a girlie girl.

Fully realizing my world would be more satisfying and complete with that special one to share it with. It would be wonderful to find an outgoing, faithful, motivated lady. One who is looking for a mutually satisfying relationship that flourishes, as we love, respect and esteem each other. Friends at first could be a lot of fun, hopefully leading to an endlessly fulfilling, faithful, and unbreakable relationship.

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Six things I wouldn't want to live without:
  1. Father God, and His grace for me
  2. My children
  3. My bible, study guides
  4. An internet connection
  5. Friends in the Lord
  6. A good latte or glass of wine
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Bethel Church (Pastor: Bill Johnson)


My faith in God defines me


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