43 year-old woman

Wilmore, Kentucky, USA

Church style:

YWAM (Youth With a Mission)


Never married

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5' 3" / 159 cm


White/ Caucasian


Once in a while


Definitely not

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Globalgirl39 story and who Globalgirl39's looking for

There is so much to my story. I'm a pastor's daughter and an army brat (military kid). So I had the fun of growing up moving around (even internationally). Maybe it wasn't so fun at the time, but it shaped my world view. I am happiest when I'm connected to international things and people. My heart comes alive!

I deeply desire to be in a relationship with someone who likes to travel, meet internationals, and desires to understand that part of my heart because he has the same heart. Let's adventure together! The family of God is BIG---it's much bigger than the United States. Though I love America, it's just one piece of the beautiful puzzle of God's international family.

I've travelled to several different countries in my 20's and 30's. What amazing opportunities to meet and connect with some (now) life long friends.

I've had the opportunity to experience different ministries that have profoundly shaped my walk with God. International house of Prayer (Kansas City), Inheriting the Nations (a Father-heart school in NZ), and fascinate school (SC, a local ywam-type ministry). I like to glean from different places and receive what Father has for me uniquely. I don't necessarily squeeze into one ministry and drink from that fountain alone. I want some variety.

I'm looking for someone that is open and has an expectant heart for all that God wants to do through us individually and as a couple. I want someone who supports my dreams (one being to write more and even speak about the things of God that are on my heart. I've done this a little bit already), calls out my identity and isn't shy to affirm and pray over me.

But....I want to be that person too. I want to be the biggest encourager. I want to be the safe, comforting, affirming voice that dreams with you, and also challenges and provokes you to your full capacity. I believe that's possible in a relationship. Encouragement and friendship and a great sense of humor is vital. I have to have a playful relationship, yet a depth of communication as a solid foundation.

I desire a relationship that is always growing. I love quality time, so I want one on one time---to talk and "hear" each other. Or take adventures together. Explore beautiful places together. A friend, enjoying each other's company.

I'm not looking for tons of money (money is fine and I don't mind it!), but what is most important is to have a kingdom minded spouse who dreams together about the possibilities and allows Jesus to lead us wherever he wants to, knowing that his heart is so good and he truly loves to lead by desire. I want someone who, like me, knows his weakness and is ok with it but his primary call is to grow as a son of the Father as I am growing as a daughter.

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Six things I wouldn't want to live without:
  1. The Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit
  2. coffee
  3. good heart friends
  4. laughter
  5. international connections and adventures
  6. hope in God's goodness
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Bethel Church (Pastor: Bill Johnson), YWAM (Youth With a Mission), Other, House Church/Organic Church, IHOP (Pastor: Mike Bickle)


My faith in God defines me


Not currently involved in ministry


Attend church occasionally


North America, South America, Australia, Europe

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