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48 year-old woman

Kingston, Idaho, USA

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Bethel Church (Pastor: Bill Johnson)



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Yes, but they don’t live with me

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5' 6" / 167 cm


White/ Caucasian


Once in a while


Definitely not

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I’ll give you a lot of points of interest here to start a conversation with me...
Loves to laugh with a sense of humor as a fun-loving romantic and loves to be “in-love.” Open to a match that loves to make me laugh “daily” as well... having similar relationship skills OR willingness to learn creative-romantic skills in order to be equally yoked. So much is online these days to learn about the opposite sex-gender so relationship tools are readily accessible... we simply need to keep learning and growing as we move forward. Glory to Glory. Most importantly to keep romance-flirting Pure and Holy as Christ is Holy. Bringing the best out of one another that Glorifies our Heavenly Father with a Covenant-Biblical Partnership.

I come from a family and family culture that smiles when we talk, smiling at one another and smiling at others throughout our day. You never know who your simple and genuine smile will cheer up!!!!

I am a Small Town kinda lady seeking a similar kinda gentleman. What does this mean? Super sweet, pure with innocence, trusting with wisdom, loyal, monogamously-faithful in heart and body, good reputation (people get found out in small towns), compassionate, patient, friendly social interactions with strangers when in public, and friendly in neighborly ways that thinks the best of others with the enJOYment and simplicity of life. Finding joy and gratitude in the little things of life appreciating kind gestures. Valuing humanity. Golden Rule applies.

History of healthy relationships, “good-clean breakups” and friendships with accountability. Processing relational revelation “relationally” aka not religious judgmentalism thinking patterns that come across as self-protection and closed mindedness but with humility, honesty, openness and full disclosure for fair match. Following Father Gods input, guidance and leading. Completely submitted to Jesus in all aspects of decision making.

Had the honor to serve as Entrepreneurial Business Partners, Healing Ministry & Worship Leaders (with late husband that was also called to serve our country as a respectable police officer aka “father of the streets”), Home Maker, Missions Director, Family Pastor and Social Work, Government, and Medical- Family Health (Pro-Life). Like Jesus... I love children!!!
Our Country has Mercy Ministries, Social Services and Adopting Parents prepared to care for babies.

Taught Classes: Dating (Shawn Bolz), Parenting & Grandparenting (Danny Silk).
Some Marriage, Nutrition/Health/Medical System and Life Coaching-Counsel.

I’m called to be a gift and a blessing to others too in addition to my partner. And I believe my match aka “ultimate teammate” will have these gifts (more or less) in common as well yet keeping our priorities to minister to one another and our Jesus first.

Opposites do attract but I prefer having more interests, love languages and similarities in common to last a lifetime. I expect the best is yet to come as Pastor-friends have recently prophesied over me.

To speak plainly, I’m not interested in rushing into a serious relationship without establishing a friendship first as I believe a long-term love commitment grows is a “friendship on fire” that will only burn brighter and brighter over time.

This friendship process does not minimize the existence of “love at first sight” and the ability to build trust as two get to know one another more and more.

When there is love at first sight?!? Both experience and know it!!! If only one experiences what one thinks is love at first sight... it’s not more than a one-sided attraction. It takes two to be “love at first sight” and is like a “friendship ignited by fireworks.”

If our friendship starts off this way after meeting in-person and we mutually decide to progress into a true love relationship.... I enjoy ministering to my partner as Holy Spirit leads and be actively creative with my affectionate love as love grows with being intentionally proactive TLC on a daily basis. True Love and Maturity waits for appointed times to express this glorious love with purity. I trust a “God Fearing king of a Gentleman” knows how to be protector and also protect my innocence and purity as I have been set apart in this special way my entire life. Having a strong foundation is significant to our success long term.

Monogamous Dating. This is my first (and only right now) Online Dating site I’m trying out. I expect relational integrity here as I intend to use this same compass. I’m decisive so you will know where you stand with me... brother zone? friend zone? or fireworks?

Under special circumstances i am open to a Divorcee where there has been difficult lessons learned the hard way, health and healing restored, soft hearted, godly relationship with ex OR no relationship where not possible, completely over the bad and ugly... not stuck living in past by practicing divorce or re-creating past pain with thought life relationship cycles or patterns aka negative bonding skills.

I believe in positive bonding and full acceptance of one another without relationship overlaps.

I look forward to having a fun-loving relationship that is mutually supportive in spiritual, family, social, intellectual and emotional maturity with encouragement, inspiring consistently, practicing good will by seeing/honoring/nurturing the best in one another and praying together daily “outloud,” speaking daily blessings of life and love to each other in order to accomplish everything Jesus has for us each day as Co-Heirs as we Co-Reign with Him together to accomplish our destinies set before us.

Are you a communicator? Clearly I am. LOL
This long intro-post is intended to narrow options.
Message me with words of interest if any of this post sounds like you. I invite you to tell me how not a simple wink or wave. I’m not desperate and will not compromise as I wait for the imperfectly-enjoyable mate to present himself (not just a picture).

Some profiles are fairly bare here which makes me wonder if some really know what they want in a partner. I find a partner that is attractive being a Man of Many Words (I’m equally a great listener
and enjoy listening to
others) and knows what he is looking for in a woman? Simply not just looking for a woman? If you know what I’m talking about here?!? I’m sure we’re in the same tribe.

Furthermore, this communicates to me “how” much a man is willing to invest in his love life having put thought in answering profile questions, his integrity to say no to other women having set his heart aside for what he’s looking for beyond skin deep.

A little about JoyLove9
Six things I wouldn't want to live without:
  1. My Heavenly Father, Bridegroom Jesus, Holy Spirit
  2. Bible & Worship
  3. My Adult Son, Family with Grace to Grow Better, not Bitter, in Christ’s Image
  4. Friends... I’m close to Family & Friends. We encourage one another in Jesus regularly.
  5. Juicer, Organic Food & Health Products. Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Food
  6. Mascara, Lipgloss & Hygiene Products. Honoring my Life Partner by maintaining by best for him to grow older gracefully and beautifully-healthy.
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My faith in God defines me


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