48 year-old woman

New York, USA

Church style:

House Church/Organic Church


Never married

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5' 6" / 167 cm


Native American


Definitely not


Definitely not

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You know I have a very strong beliefs that everyone in this life and on this planet deserves to be happy and everyone has their second half. We all are created to be in a couple and to be happy in a relationship. That's why I think to use all methods to meet true destiny is a good way. And I'm here and you are here. So let's know each other. I'm a woman with big open heart. I'm a person who is able to give joy and feeling comfort and happiness to close people. I'm a very feminine and I know that my man will be happy with me. Also I have a very good sense of humor. And never sad or upset.

Comments: I'm looking for a man who will be my partner in any life situation. Who will be my true second half and my true emotional, spiritual and mental soulmate. A man who will be mine in all senses and meanings. Who is strong, joyful, loving and caring and with good sense of humor as well. I believe that such a man exists for me somewhere in the world and I will meet you very soon.

A little about Chelsey00
Six things I wouldn't want to live without:
  1. God
  2. honesty
  3. loyalty
  4. my family
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