57 year-old woman

Redding, California, USA

Church style:

Bethel Church (Pastor: Bill Johnson)



Have Kids:

Yes, but they don’t live with me

Want Kids:

No, but I’d accept my partner’s kids


5' 8" / 173 cm




Once in a while


Definitely not

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I love beauty, kindness, and a good mystery. God is my friend, and I have been through much with Him. I enjoy movies, books, music and poetry. I think I was born in the wrong time, late 1800 may have been a better fit- Pride and Prejudice era. But then again, I can be very edgy and innovative.
I am very supportive and loyal in friendship and in relationships. I have a 26 year old daughter whom I love dearly. She is a lover and a sweetheart and my best friend. I have been alone with God for about 8 years, and am looking forward to socializing and getting to know people again in hopes to meet "the one". I do believe we have choices, but if we wait for the best, He'll give to us. I am also looking for great friendships as well. I love interesting people with stories to tell...especially God stories.
I am looking for a noble-minded person. One who has compassion and 'government upon his shoulders', and can see how the Father sees. I imagine him well off, with a gift of stewardship to balance me out. I like strong, quiet, intelligent, capable and classy men with manners, and an underlying passion, or mystery about him, but who also enjoys a good laugh. I do like funny, even wry, crazy. Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson types so to speak...A free, adventurous spirit would be so complementary, but one who is understanding, supportive, encouraging of a woman's needs, dreams and temperament. Definitely needs to be a covering and speaking life, willing to work on themselves, communicate and exchange. A love anointing would be amazing...I believe in genetic hybrid vigor, lol...So yeah, this person I am looking for is absolutely magnificent!
I am definitely not into religious, legalistic or woman-oppressive types, as I am a forerunner for women, in and out of the church. Just test me on that, lol...
I am determined to have fun with this process, getting to know myself and others. I am looking for friends as well, so I may befriend you. I ask that if you inquire about me, that you at least have one picture and would you please send email. Thanks! Here we go!

A little about Tombraider0260
Six things I wouldn't want to live without:
  1. God's presence, His love and healing power.
  2. my beautiful daughter
  3. true love
  4. loving family and friends
  5. beauty and creative atmospheres
  6. music, keyboard and cello.
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