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30 year-old man

Kremmling, Colorado, USA

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Bethel Church (Pastor: Bill Johnson)


Never married

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5' 9" / 176 cm


White/ Caucasian


Once in a while


Definitely not

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KingdomSeeker story and who KingdomSeeker's looking for

I am very intentional and devoted to the Lord. He means more to me than anything and everything in the world.

I have a huge heart for people and love to see people thrive.

Joy is powerful and fun. I like playing games and nerding out to things that I find valuable. And it's totally cool if you don't value what I value, we can still be friends ;)

I'm looking for something real with someone real. I'll accept you for you are, I just want to know who you are. God uniquely designed you to be precious, amazing, and adorable and I want to get to know the real you, not someone else. I'm looking for someone who loves God more than me, and that believes they are who God says they are.

I'm not giving away all my secrets. Where's the fun in that?? Haha. Feel free to ask me whatever you want about whatever you want. I'll do my best to answer. Let's have fun getting to know each other and see what happens.

A little about KingdomSeeker
Six things I wouldn't want to live without:
  1. Hangtime with the Lord
  2. Quality Time with Community
  3. Fathers/Mothers
  4. People to pour into
  5. Fun and Games
  6. Me Time
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Bethel Church (Pastor: Bill Johnson)


My faith in God defines me


Involved in pastoral ministry, I’m involved in other ministry


Attend church regularly


North America

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