David Benjamin D.

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35 year-old man

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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Bethel Church (Pastor: Bill Johnson)


Never married

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6' 1" / 186 cm




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Hi, I'm David and I really love to hang out with Jesus.

Presently, I am in back in Philly following a trip that included stops in Baltimore, DC, NYC, Alabama, New Orleans, Colorado, Michigan and back home in California. Next up I'll be working in and around the North East as I continue my work on major music festivals and tours before heading back to England as part of the David's Tent Worship event team this August.

I'm not currently subscribed though I'm easy to find on social media.

I just finished going to school for and work in different areas of music and the business that surrounds it. I also do a lot of related work in the live event and creative economy, including having worked directly with a City Councilman's office in City Hall in Philly and for Goldenvoice/AEG Live and CID on some of the biggest music festivals in the country. I love pizza and live worship music, faves are Bethel Live and Misty Edwards. I especially love laughing with people. I'm in a cool season of walking out the big vision God has planted and grown in my heart over the years to realize my core dreams that I've had vision for since I was little, namely starting a family and ministering through a music career. I pro-actively embrace growth and transformation, to keep my life in a forward progression and momentum of spiritual maturation- That is a big passion of mine. I'm really into praying for people and seeing God work. I'm not into judgement, condemnation, politics or a religious spirit.

As far as what I am looking for... Shared core values, commonalities and interests and relative and/or similar vision/calling are of value... Coming into alignment with co-dreamers with big hearts who love Jesus and encouraging others, whose lives are pointed in the same direction is what I am looking for generally in this season of my life. Really passionate about how relationships are built, how building is a process and how healthy core relationships and friendships are always the cornerstones of a strong relational foundation, so that is my starting point for everything relational. I'm more of an 'in-person' type, still not sure the online thing is for me- Just doing my diligence with an open mind. At the right time I am looking for someone to do life with, and I am really stoked to share that journey with the right person when that time comes. Heaven's reward and a reflection of God's favor in my life, someone with whom to bring our best to the table and bring out the best in each other and build together for future generations and the nations.

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Six things I wouldn't want to live without:
  1. God's love, heart, voice & Spirit.
  2. Core Relationships
  3. Music (Like, everything surrounding music.)
  4. Food (Healthy, Pizza.)
  5. Hope
  6. Baseball
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Bethel Church (Pastor: Bill Johnson), Vineyard Churches (Founder: John Wimber)


My faith in God defines me


Involved in young adult ministry, Involved in youth ministry, Involved in Children’s ministry, Involved in music ministry


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