36 year-old woman

England, United Kingdom

Church style:

The Potter’s House (Pastor T.D. Jakes)


Never married

Have Kids:


Want Kids:



5' 9" / 175 cm


White/ Caucasian




Definitely not

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A little about me...
I love life. I have a compassionate nature and have been blessed with a wonderful career and friends that allows me good relationships. I am known to be kind and friendly, in fact I really never meet a stranger. I love self improvement and strive to increase my skills and abilities in many varied areas. Reaching toward the character of God is my goal. I am, what I call, and independent coupling person. I am self reliant financially and I am not emotionally driven. I know what I want, and I am in tune with my feelings. Drama has no place in my life. I like intelligent humor but I'm not sarcastic or teasing. I prefer research , study, family interactions and service to sitting in front of the television. My house is clean. I love surprises and spontaneous arrangements of outings and trips. I love to work together on projects and accomplish good things. I've been told that I communicate a lot however I do not think it is to tell you about me... but to know you. So I can love.
I can lead. I'm happiest when I support boldly. I am steady and uncompromising in my standards. I strive for excellence in my daily life and plan for a sanctified relationship. I rely on the Holy Ghost for instructions. I live purposefully.

A little about Robeys
Six things I wouldn't want to live without:
  1. Bible
  2. Journal
  3. Pen
  4. phone
  5. Car key
  6. Novel
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